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Mar 02nd


Ship - Louis 

As you hopped out of your friends car you walked into Starbucks. You frowned because you and Louis would always get coffee together. As you opened the door you smelled the freshly brewed coffee. You went to take your place in line when you heard a familiar laugh. A laugh that gave you the butterflies because you knew who it belonged to. It was Louis with his band mates. You where staring at him for so long you didn’t realize Liam noticed and soon enough Louis was walking towards you. “hey” he sais while looking down at his coffee. “hi”. you smiled at him. ” i have to tell you something” he started, ” but not here” he grabbed you hand and you both walked to his car. “Najwa i’ve missed you like crazy, its driving me mad! i miss your lips and the kisses you give me in the morning while i say ‘good morning sunsine’.” he set his coffee down and pulled you close. ” i miss this” and with that he kissed you. The kiss was filled with emotion. He truly missed you. You pulled away, ” i guess we can try this again?” he smiled and hugged you once more.

sorry if its not what you wanted. 

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Jan 28th

As you’re setting up your cameras you could hear the boys come in. This would be your first time shooting the boys. After you got your camera adjusted you introduced yourself. ” Hi my name is Tori”. You shook all of there hands, When you got Liam he held your hand a bit longer and smirked at you. He leaned closer and whispered in your ear, ‘Tori you look great”. you blushed and then heard one of the others speak up, ” C’mon Liam she hasn’t got all day!” You laughed and walked over to the camera. “Okay well start with a couple group shots then we will do some singles” They nodded in agreement. As you took pictures of all of the boys Liam was your last to shoot. “okay Laim just do what you would like”. he nodded, but every time you took a picture it was always blowing a kiss or putting his hand on his heart. “Liam please. do poses we can actually put in the magazine.” he laughed but obeyed. When the shoot was over Liam came over to talk before they left. ” I was wondering if i could get to know you better..” he continued. ” how about dinner on Friday?” You pulled out your phone and opened the calendar. “sorry Friday i have another shoot but it looks like Sunday im free” His expression quickly brightened. “Thank you Tori, ill be sure to call before”.

sorreh if that sucked! 

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For Abby 

Shiped with Liam 

As you made you way down the leaf covered path, you smiled at the thought of Liam coming home soon. You looked for a nice spot to sit and write for a while. Ever sense Liam has been gone you’ve turned to writing out your feelings and whatever else you wanted to write. You leaned yourself against a tree and began writing. Today’s entry would be about Liam. As you wrote about all the things you where looking forward to you heard a snap of a twig. You didn’t think much of it because your in a park, But the noise of someone walking towards you got louder and louder. You turned about and saw nothing. You pulled out your headphone and turned up the music. Not even a minute through you felt a tap  on your shoulder. As you stood up and turned around you didn’t think twice about your actions. You jumped up on him and hugged him so tight. “I’ve missed you so much Liam”. He hugged you back and kissed your forehead, ” I’ve missed you way more.”

Hoped you liked it Abby :D sorry it took a bit. 

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sorry we havent been on much! were so caught up with school and stuff, but to make it up to you we will do a Ship, a preference with a outfit :D

im way bored so please ask!!

- name


-how you look

- things you like to do

- what you want the preference to be  

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Hello! Can you please write a preference where you work for the boys. (Example: backup dancer, fashion stylist, makeup artist, sound check manager, writer for songs, or their photographer) thank you so much! 😊

im on it :)

Jan 27th
Please do add josh.

we will start adding him as much as we can :D

Jan 27th
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1 Jan 03rd
— Preference #78 You’re there backup dancer —

Zayn - ever sense you started working for one direction you’ve always had a thing for Zayn. You assumed he had a thing for you as well; but neither of you did anything. One day when you where rehearsing Live While Were Young you noticed Zayn was watching. You tried not to blush or mess up but continued. The next part was a front hand spring. Before you did it you looked over at Zayn, he gave you a thumbs up. You where a little nervous but you ran and did it anyways. When you landed on your ankle it twisted. You heard a loud crack. You tried not to cry. The other dancers came to see if you where alright. They had to help you up and walk. You had to walk by Zayn so you could sit in a chair. You just looked at him. The medic came over. He said you have broke your ankle. This means no dancing on tour. You sat there and thought about what was going to happen. Zayn came over, ” how bad is it?” He questioned . You just look at your feet ” I can’t dance for awhile.” 

Liam - You are currently a dancer for the band One Direction. You a new dancer so you have to practice more. As the boys are practicing singing on stage you are practicing dancing. As the boys sing to Back For You, you are trying your hardest to stay out of the way and to the dances correctly. When the chorus comes up you have to run around and clap. And as you did so you bumped into Liam. You turned and apologized to him. He looked at you and asked for your name and cell phone. ” um my names y/n and why do you need my number?”. You asked him. “Because he thinks your dang sexy!” You heard Niall say into the mix followed by a laugh. 

Harry - as you put in your head phones you walked over to the dance room. You played Kiss You, the song you would be dancing in. As you danced silly you didn’t realize Harry was watching. You pulled out a headphone ” can I help you?”. He smirked ” teach me how to dance like that” you laughed ” your kidding right this dance is so silly but okay”. You plugged your phone into the speakers and began teaching Harry how to dance . 

Niall - you where a dancer for little things. There would be five dancers, one for each boy. You got paired up with Niall. You changed into your outfit. A form fitting top with a flowy skirt. It’s not easy to dance in skirts and dresses so you tried your hardest not to screw this up. Throughout the whole song you did ballet like moves. The second voice is when you have to dance with Niall. You grabbed his hand and he spinned you around. ” sorry I didn’t mean to step on your foot” you said. He said it was fine, ” so now that where dance partners wanna get dinner later?”. 

Louis - You are dance partners with Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. As you teach him moves he tends to goof and make fun of the dance moves. ” c’mon Louis lets get back to work”. He snapped his finger ” um the attitude is not needed how about you dance?” You tossed the attitude right back ” fine you learn on your own.” You grabbed your phone and plugged in your headphones. You didn’t dance In front of him. Instead you decided to run a few laps to release the stress you’ve had while trying to teach Louis. After three laps you stopped in front if him “lets put this aside you need to learn and I need to practice.” 

Josh - as a back up dancer you didn’t need to be in the front. You’re assigned spot was near Josh’s drum set. As the fans screamed you and the dancers ran out. You ran to your spot and smiled at josh. You danced away and soon the song was over. You looked over at josh who has been checking you out through out the performance. The boys where giving thanks to the band and the dancers. It seems Liam has noticed the two of you. ” oh! Josh & y/n a couple now?” Josh laughed and you covered your face. You looked at josh and he mouthed ” want to be?” 

(A/N Do you guys want us to start adding josh into the preferences????)

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